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About Us


Macken Instruments began in 1969 as a pioneer in laser test equipment.  John Macken founded the company (originally Optical Engineering) to provide tools not yet available to laser researchers and technicians.  From the beginning, Macken Instruments has focused on reliable, accurate, and easy to use equipment.

We are located in Santa Rosa, California about one hour north of San Francisco but serve a global customer base with the majority of our sales overseas.  Our customers are located in over 50 countries, and include global leaders across a broad spectrum of heavy and light manufacturing industries, higher learning and universities, physics laboratories, and research and scientific operations.

We manufacture and calibrate instruments to NIST Standards for mid to high power laser applications.  We are the global leader in handheld calorimeters and our image plates have become standard equipment for laser technicians throughout the world.  Our instruments are based on the idea that simplicity is the foundation of long-term accuracy and reliability.  Their economical yet reliable nature has allowed our products to find their way across the spectrum in the laser industry, from research laboratories to laser job shops and everything in between.

John Macken, the founder of Macken instruments, has been retired for several years. He has spent this time working on a large physics theory where he attempts to show that everything in the universe (all particles, forces and cosmology) can logically be made of only 4 dimensional spacetime. If you are interested in learning more about this project, visit The Universe is Only Spacetime.



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