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Analog Power Probes

The Analog Power probes are Macken Instruments' classic, easy to use, reliable, robust, no frills, economical power measurement instruments.

Please make your selection based on:

1) The Power level you will be measuring 

2) The wavelength or type of your laser

3) The power density (which is the power divided by the beam area)


 Max Power


Fiber or Yag



Flat Absorbing Head


Conical Absorbing Head

20W P20Y
50W P50Y
100W P100Y P100C
200W P200Y



500W P500Y P500C
1000W P1000Y P1000C
2000W P2000Y P2000C C2K
4000W P4000Y P4000C C4K
10KW P10KY P10KC C10K

... ...