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CO Spectrum Analyzer - wavelength range 4.9 microns to 6.5 microns, resolution .0024 microns

Model 16-B(CO) and 16-C(CO)

Two different Spectrum Analyzers are offered for CO lasers. As seen from the specifications, Model 16-C(CO) has higher resolution, but a narrower spectral range than Model 16-B(CO). The spectral range of 4.8µ to 5.9µ of the Model 16-C(CO) covers the wavelengths of almost all continuous CO lasers.

Although literature references quote wavelengths beyond this range (which can be viewed with the 16-B(CO), these are usually observed only in pulsed operation or with wavelength selective laser mirrors. The greater resolution obtained by reducing the spectral range proves to be convenient in the majority of applications.

The Model 16-B, has the added feature that it can be used for HF lasers merely by replacing the calibrated wavelength scale with an HF scale (sold separately). This converts the unit to a Model 16-B(HF).

All of the above-mentioned models are calibrated by both wavelength and wave number.

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